Taemin’s Lucifer hairstyle - requested by anon

may i please request kwon yuri's ombre blonde hairstyle? i think it's very pretty! ♥ p.s, i love your blog. : ) it's one of my favorites, honestly.

It’s already been requested, check the post out here ^^
Thank you so much, lovely anon~! AWW, i really appreciate your kind words ♥

How do I know what kind of face shape I have? I recently wanted to get a haircut that suits my face shape. Can you show me different types of face shapes, please?

Just put all your hair back from your face and compare the shape of your face to the diagrams above :) Which ever shape it looks the most similar to, would be your face shape ^^

Up-do’s and ponytails - requested by oh-my-front-door

Female idols with orange/amber hair - requested by anon

Hello, beautiful! I was hoping you could recommend some hairstyles for me. My hair is medium to long length and I have outgrown bangs. My face is sort of oval and round, the length being a bit short for an oval and long for round. And it's kinda wide with sorta chubby cheeks. I got bangs not long ago, but they made face look really wide. >.< Sorry I think I made this longer than it needed to be. But thank you, dear <3

Hello cutiepie! :3
Of course, no problem :)
I’d suggest hairstyles like these:

Grown out bangs can compliment your face shape, because front bangs are good for oval faces and side bangs are good for round faces (i’m not saying that people with those face shapes, have to have that hairstyle), but because you have a round/oval face, having grown out bangs can be flattering for you, try different styles (e.g. curly, straight) and see which style bangs suits you best :) I have a round/oval face too and i also have grown out bangs, so don’t worry, I’m always here if you need help x3
Hope this helps and thank you for being lovely! ^.^ *hugs*

Sooyoung’s hairstyle during ‘Genie’ era - requested by loveiscurry

Hi :D i have round and a little chubby face,what kind of hairstyle would you recomend me?Oh yes,and my hair now is middle length :D thank you ^_^

Hey~ ^.^
A hairstyles like Nana of after school would fit you perfectly :D

I hope this helped! :D <3

Hello^^ I am a fan of your blog and I think it's really helpful and cool. I was wondering if you could post some haircuts that would fit a oval shaped face? :))) Thank you

Hello! :D Thank you so much ^^
Well, i have to say that bangs would be the most flattering style for oval shaped faces You can have side bangs, though :)

Hairstyles like these:

Any styles like those will be awesome and fit oval face shapes really well :D

So... I'm kinda really desperate for getting my hair cut, but I don't really have an idea of how I should cut it... So I was wondering if you could help me ;-; Hairstyles you think would fit me etc~ My instagram has some pictures of me... I guess it helps idk haha instagram - raphating; fb - pandathinglin -- Tnx anyway >3<

Hello, Raphael! :D First of all can i say, thank you for asking me for advice :) I’d love to help ~

I looked at some of your pictures Btw, you’re really good looking x3 Congrats :’)
In my own opinion, your hair looks fine the way it is, but i collected a few pics for you anyway ^.^





I really think this sort of hairstyle and colour would look amazing on you too…



I hope that helped! :) Good luck with your hair btw ^^ I’d love to know what haircut/style you choose :3

Have a lovely day/night~ *waves*

Female idols with chocolate brown hair - requested by jyjhomin-tvxq

Can I request female idols with chocolate brown hair? ?Thank you <3

Of course ^.^
I’m Sorry if it took a while :c <3

Jiyoung’s Blue hair - requested by anon

Hello, I want a hairstyle that suits long hair, and has bangs, anything you would recommend?

Something like this?

or maybe these…

I hope those pictures helped :)
Have a lovely day/night ^.^